The last watch design in Arne Jacobsens reputabled portfolio, but it certainly does not make the iconic Banker's watch less popular. We know the highly elegant and unique Banker's design back from 1971, when Arne Jacobsen designed the watch specifically for Denmarks Nationalbank in Copenhagen. 

International architectural history 


We know the highly elegant and unique Bankers design from 1971, when Arne Jacobsen designed the watch specifically for Denmarks Nationalbank in Copenhagen. However, it all starts years back. 

In 1961 Arne Jacobsen won the competition of the design of a new Danish Nationalbank and unfortunately he never saw the the building finished as it was completed in 1978 - 7 years after his death. 

With Denmarks Nationalbank, Arne Jacobsen has left behind a work of life that secured him a place in international architectural history. Denmarks Nationalbank is built in materials and according to principles that are consistent and supports the building’s tight lines and the minimalist expression of the interior. The building’s facade is very special as the so-called curtain wall principle has been used, which means that the facade is hanging outside the building without being part of the loadbearing structure. It was very new, when the bank was built.


A special design for the Danish Nationalbank 


It is characteristic of Arne Jacobsen’s constructions that everything has been done down to the smallest details. And Denmarks Nationalbank is no exception.The choice of materials and principles is seen all around the building, where among other things the VOLA-luminarie, the chair Liljen and the Bankers Clock are designed by Arne Jacobsen especially for Nationalbank. The Bankers clock is hanging in the entrance hall, which runs like a cathedral almost 20 meters up through the building's 6 floors. The walls are covered with marble and a stunning light comes through the small vertical windows, shining down on the Arne Jacobsen Bankers Wall Clock.

There are two courtyards around the building, a roof garden and a pavement garden facing Holmen’s Church. The largest and first landscaped patio of just over 700 m2 is called Arne Jacobsen’s Garden, where he found inspiration in his own private garden. The courtyard is built in a composition of semi-cylindrical concrete drums that function as plant beds and four water basins. Arne Jacobsen was generally very interested in gardening and especially concerned with succulents and green plants.


Bankers as wrist watch


After the exceptional design got its debut at Denmarks Nationalbank, it has later been developed into a wrist watch that is available with different straps and in different sizes, so that it fits perfectly with you and your style.