5 Reasons That Women Are Choosing Men's Watches

Today’s world of fashion is an amalgamation of various elements in the best way possible. Nobody can really tell someone in 2020 what to wear, as society has changed so much throughout the last few years. Fashion has always been a statement of a person’s values, personality, or even ethos. It’s also a statement that many people try to make in the 21st century. 


A wristwatch is a dying breed of fashion, as these are often getting swapped out for more practical wearable technology pieces that have various functions asides from telling time. However, those who decide to wear timepieces of the analog nature often receive appreciative looks from others due to well-designed pieces’ classy nature. Nowadays, watches come in many variants, and wearing a ladies’ watch is not always the way women go.


Why Women Are Choosing Men’s Watches

Owning a women’s watch variant is not precisely the chicest way to go nowadays. Many of the classiest ladies are investing in men’s watches, and for a good reason, too. Here are some of the reasons why ladies’ timepieces don’t strike fancy to most female wristwatch enthusiasts:


1. Variants Are More Widespread

Think about luxury watch companies and compare their lines of women’s watches and their men’s collection, and you’ll likely be blown away by the ratio. Overall, watch companies prioritize creating products for men and have even created a category called “boys’.” Watches have a connotation to be a masculine utility for many manufacturers, making ladies turn to the broader collection of men’s timepieces to find something that suits their tastes. 


2. The Fashion Contrast Is Improved

A ladies’ watch holds designs that blend well with the fashion sense of the traditionally-perceived woman. Not all women of today like to wear colorful dresses or wear makeup often. Some like to wear darker colors and lighter tones to find a unique aesthetic. Men’s timepieces have plenty of variety, which makes these a choice for many in terms of how it contrasts or complements ladies’ fashion senses. 


3. They Are Easier To Sell

In terms of the luxury market, women’s watch variants do not typically appreciate or maintain its value like men’s timepieces do. If you look at Rolex, their ladies’ watch collection barely holds exceptional value except for very few models. In contrast, men’s timepieces from their collection are always easy to sell and for a reasonable price, provided they are well cared for at all times. 


4. Versatility Is Unmatched

Men have plenty of choices when it comes to what they want in a timepiece. If they are outgoing, they can have a tough diver’s watch, and daily pieces are also an easy choice with all the models available on the market. A ladies’ watch is typically decorative, which explains their delicate build compared to the chunks of steel that sit on men’s wrists. Many women nowadays are less concerned about their gender roles, and it’s great to see them take a liking towards powerful statement items. 


5. Bigger Faces Are Better

People nowadays love watches with larger faces. A women’s watch typically has the smallest face diameter to match the smaller wrists of a lady. However, ladies nowadays like the face bigger because of how much easier it is to tell time. Many women wear big-faced wristwatches, and it is starting to look like a typical trend of the 21st century. The Arne Jacobsen Roman 40mm is a men’s piece that women can wear well and have an easier time reading the hands thanks to the face’s diameter. 



While the topic of men’s watches being better than women’s models seems controversial in 2020, women choose the former for many reasons. In an industry with plenty of men’s variants, ladies now have the choice between both kinds, which is great for anyone who wishes to have their timepiece that fits their needs. 

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