The design by Arne Jacobsen is just as popular now as it was throughout the middle of last century, where many of the now iconic designs were revealed for the first time.

The Bangle watch is no exception. It's a jewellery telling you the time in the most classic way - or the ultimate decorative and feminine watch. You decide.


The last watch design in Arne Jacobsens reputabled portfolio, but it certainly does not make the iconic Banker's watch less popular.

We know the highly elegant and unique Banker's design back from 1971, when Arne Jacobsen designed the watch specifically for Denmarks Nationalbank in Copenhagen.

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They say that time is golden, which is why watches maintain its universal appeal even in a digitally-oriented, mobile society. While there are cell phones to tell you the time, watches are a timeless addition to one's ensemble and worth wearing at all ages. 

From playful, unabashedly luxurious, to understated elegance, giving a watch can make jaws drop as it's a stunning, sensible, and sentimental gift that is perfect for all occasions. 

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