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The appealing blue hue

Arne Jacobsen is one of the pioneers of Danish architecture and design. With his passion for overall solutions, he produced both architecture and industrial design, creating some of his best-known and most popular signature designs during the 1950s and 1960s. This applies not least to the City Hall wall clock, designed by Arne Jacobsen for Rødovre Town Hall in 1956. The clock, with its contemporary yet timeless design, today enjoys virtual cult status. Now there is an anodised aluminium version with a Royal Blue dial for all fans of slow living and iconic clock design.



Most people are familiar with Arne Jacobsen’s iconic black-and-white wall clocks, but far fewer know he created these clocks as an add-on to his building projects. As a modernist and minimalist, Arne Jacobsen took an uncompromising approach to design, so he frequently offered to deliver an overall concept, where he was responsible for the design of both the exterior and interior.

The wall clock was clearly an item of interior design, and remains so today, with the well-established trend for wall clocks in contemporary homes. Time is the new luxury, and despite the fact that we always have mobile phones in our pockets, there is plenty of signal value and slow living in counting the hours the old-school way.

The royal colour on the dial

The royal colour on the dial Arne Jacobsen designed the City Hall wall clock in 1956, when he designed a new town hall for the Copenhagen suburb of Rødovre, Denmark. The building style was strongly influenced by international trends, and the same is true of the City Hall clock. With its soft, curved glass and the ultra-simple design of the dial and hands, it is a stylish example of modern functionalism.

There are no superfluous details, just austere beauty, and the same applies to the many industrial designs – ranging from furniture and door handles to textiles and glass – created by Arne Jacobsen when he designed and fully fitted out the iconic SAS Royal Hotel in the signature colour Royal Blue.

As a tribute to Arne Jacobsen’s multi-design practice, this autumn Arne Jacobsen Clocks is launching an updated version of City Hall, putting a new stamp on the iconic classic clock. The anodised aluminium box and royal blue dial accentuate the wall clock’s retro-cool references, and this new City Hall item also adds a new, raw nuance to the popular metallic trend in interior design of kitchens, offices and living rooms. The Arne Jacobsen City Hall wall clock in anodised aluminium with Royal Blue dial is available in two sizes (Ø: 21 cm and 29 cm)

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