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Mens Watches

Mens Watches

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Arne Jacobsen Watches – for men

Get the full overview of our great selection in watches for men. Whether you are going for the classic look, a watch with a history in design or a fashionable wrist watch, we definitely have the right watch for you and your taste in style. Every watch from Arne Jacobsen Watches are minimalistic, classic and suits every occasion. The watches can be combined just the way you like it. If you fall in love with a certain watch design you can choose exactly what kind of strap you wish to go with it. You can choose to go with a leather strap (available in black, brown, blue and red) or a mesh band (available in gold, black and silver) and you will experience that your Arne Jacobsen designer watch will express itself differently. Use it for your advantage and buy an extra strap. You can easily change the strap on your watch yourself, whenever your mood, style or wardrobe demands it.

Fashionable Men’s Watches – in timeless design

Today you can find all kinds of watches for men in different qualities, sizes and design, so buying watches for men is not necessarily the easiest task. With an Arne Jacobsen men's watch, you are guaranteed a classical designer watch in the top class that is fit for both work, everyday activities and festive occasions. You are assured a watch of high quality in a beautiful, timeless design. The men’s watches from Arne Jacobsen Watches are available in different sizes. Ure til mænd fra Arne Jacobsen Watches fås i forskellige størrelser. The dial is available in sizes 34 mm, 40 mm and 46 mm. For men we recommend sizes 40 mm and 46 mm – depending on how big your wrist is and what expression you want. On this page you get an overview of the many different watches designed by the legendary Danish designer Arne Jacobsen throughout the years. Your next watch can be one of these amazing beautiful and unique watches for men from Arne Jacobsen. Choose the watch that matches your personal preferences and know that you will receive a product which adds style and joy for many years to come.

Arne Jacobsen Watch – Legendary Danish design

In a world where everyone keeps a smartphone in their pocket the function of the wrist watch is no longer relevant. Therefore, one can easily argue that the wrist watch is the man’s way of expressing his personal style. Women have jewellery, purses and make up, where, being a man, you can come a long way with wearing just the right men’s watch, which can make you appear confident and conscious about your style. The genius that made Danish design world known. Arne Jacobsen is undoubtedly one of Denmark's most prominent architects and is internationally recognized for his marvellous buildings and design - also including his clocks and watches. Arne Jacobsen's architecture is still admired internationally and many of his products are still being produced. Arne Jacobsen's design caused a stir everywhere and the magic is that it is still does so. Good design is characterized by continuous fascination as time goes by. The clocks and watches have now been recreated entirely faithful to Arne Jacobsen's original drawings. The watches for men from Arne Jacobsen are available in four different designs; Bankers, Roman, City Hall and Station. All watches are produced from Arne Jacobsen's original designs, which were created over a long, incredibly prolific and artistically unique career as an architect and designer.

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