Designed by Arne Jacobsen

Bankers 34 mm

Arne Jacobsen Bankers wrist watch with matt gold 16 mm mesh band.



299,00 €
Solid stainless steel case with concave dial, IP gold brushed bezel, hardened double convex M2 glass, 3 ATM, gold brushed mesh band in stainless steel.
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SKU 53109-1609
Model Bankers
Size 34 mm
Dial Color Grey
Bezel Polished Gold
Strap Material Mesh band
Strap Width 16 mm
Strap Color Matt Gold
Movement MIYOTA GL26
In line with all of Arne Jacobsen’s designs, BANKERS is minimalistic and elegant. The design is created with great attention and symbolism.
Every hour marker is replaced by a spiral, consisting of 12 units, each indicating the day’s hours.
Hence the nickname: The Spiral Watch.
Another distinctive feature of the BANKERS watch is the red dot in the middle.


In 1961, Arne Jacobsen won the competition to design the new National Bank of Denmark. The building was completed in 1978 - 7 years after his death. The BANKERS clock was designed in 1971 and is proudly displayed on the original bank hall wall. The bank hall contains peartree panels, contra- sting the entry hall in Norwegian marble, stretching like a cathedral almost 20 meters up throughout the six stories. The Danish National Bank is widely considered one of Arne Jacobsen’s architectural masterpieces.


The dial is inspired by the Norwegian Porsgrunn marble, one of Arne Jacobsen’s favorite materials. The dial is made with a circular fine-brushed finish, which gives the watch a slightly changing gray color, just like the Porsgrunn marble that fluctuates in several gray colors. The design stays true to Arne Jacobsen’s original clock design from 1971. The watch is available in two versions; a 40mm polished steel model and a 34mm polished gold model for smaller wrists.



The genius that made Danish design world known. Arne Jacobsen is undoubtedly one of Denmark's most prominent architects and is internationally recognized for his marvelous buildings and design - also including his clocks and watches. Arne Jacobsen's architecture is still admired internationally and many of his products are still being produced.

Arne Jacobsen's design caused a stir everywhere and the magic is that it is still does so. Good design is characterized by continuous fascination as time goes by. The clocks and watches have now been recreated entirely faithful to Arne Jacobsen's original drawings. The unique watches were created over a long, incredibly prolific and artistically unique career as an architect and designer.


In 1942 the City Hall of Århus in Denmark was unveiled. Arne Jacobsen designed the building together with Erik Møller, and the original design was without a tower.
A tower has no functionality and therefore does not fit into the design philosophy of Arne Jacobsen. But after multiple protests, the two architects saw no other option but to add a 60-meter tall tower.

Fortunately, it was because of this tower that we got the beautiful clock, Roman.



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In the middle of the 30s, a young Arne Jacobsen designed a house for H. J. Hansen which was the director of Lauritz Knudsen (a large well-known company in the electrical industry). The director spotted the talent in Arne Jacobsen and asked him to design a clock for his new home. Arne Jacobsen accepted the challenge and drew an alarm clock, which was his first industrial product design.

The clock was presented at the spring fair in Charlottenborg, Copenhagen 1939, and is the first industrial product design of Arne Jacobsen. Early in his career, simplicity and design lines were the characterizations of Arne Jacobsen's design.

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City hall

Rødovre City Hall in Denmark is one of Arne Jacobsen's most complete designs, inspired by the international tendencies of the time. Arne Jacobsen designed every aspect of the City Hall, all the way down to the clocks on the walls and the furniture of his own famous design.

The CITY HALL clock exhibits Arne Jacobsen's uncompromising approach to design and architecture. With its curved glass and precise graphics, it is a study of timeless simplicity and elegance.




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