3 cualidades que las mujeres modernas buscan en un reloj

When people imagine women’s watches, they tend to think of dainty, delicate timepieces with tiny cases and pink straps. While those are fine watches to love, modern women appreciate a range of functional jewelry to cater to different tastes. Gone are the days of the pink feminine design monolith; today’s women are interested in expressing their unique style through their watches, which varies just as much as their personalities do.


More women are buying watches than ever before, but the kinds they’re buying may be different from what many people might think. Here are the qualities that modern women look for in a timepiece:


Large Cases


In the older days, watches designed for women were often petite, slim, and pretty. However, what women want nowadays are timepieces with large cases that make it easy to tell the time at a glance. While some still prefer ultra dainty watches, most women have been buying men’s variants over the last few years because they often featured larger cases with more varied designs. Given the shift in consumer behavior, big-name brands have begun to manufacture watches with large cases.


However, they’ve given a feminine touch to these timepieces, producing rose gold watches, mother-of-pearl dial watches, mesh strap watches like our 40 MM white/polished rose gold piece, timepieces with leather watch bands, and many more. With so much variety, women finally have access to the horological masterpieces they’ve wanted for so long.



Minimalist Design


Floral and glitzy may have been what women preferred in the past, but today’s women want minimalist watches that are simple and elegant. Our 40 MM black/polished rose gold piece with its leather straps is the perfect example, as it features a simple black face with one rose gold hand, utilizing all the crucial parts of a watch and forgoing the excess elements. This piece’s elegance speaks for itself, allowing the contrast to create a unique, straightforward aesthetic that appeals to women who want to expand their watch collection.


Clean, contemporary visuals are all the rage for the 21st-century woman, so pared-down models that feature classic designs are here to stay. Some even prefer the most minimalist watches possible that feature no dial markers, taking this quality to the next level!



Sturdy and Durable Watches


Modern women are not interested in overly expensive items that break with everyday use, so they prefer sturdy, durable watches that withstand an active lifestyle. Opting for stainless steel watches, like our 40 MM cinnamon red/circular brushed gold timepiece, allows them to perform daily activities without worrying about their jewelry. Since stainless steel is remarkably resistant to denting and scratching, it’s the perfect choice for an everyday watch that’s unfussy and practical. Pairing it with silicone straps, like our 40 MM midnight blue/polished gold watch, makes it an even more practical piece that looks stylish while requiring minimal maintenance and upkeep.



Combining form with functionality is something every woman wants and refuses to compromise on, which is the heart of modern women’s watches. Whether you’re buying a gift for yourself, a partner, or a friend, watching out for these three qualities will make sure you choose a classic yet fashionable watch that will withstand the test of time.

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