3 razones para comprar un reloj minimalista para su colección

For the longest time, watches have been considered as a fashionable and functional staple in any accessory rack or jewelry collection, and rightfully so.

Coming a long way from train conductor models and pocket iterations, today’s timepieces are fashionably worn on any wrist to tie a whole outfit together while making it easier to tell the time. With brands continuously pushing the pace for unique styles, it can be quite challenging to find the perfect watch to wear because of the variety of available options.

Among the different styles of watches that have emerged in recent years, however, there’s one type of design that you must not miss out on having in your collection: Minimalist watches. 


A uniqueness that’s too irresistible to overlook


With a bare-bones flair and clean styling that’s guaranteed to stand out no matter what outfit they’re paired with, minimalist watches are unique figures in the world of Haute Horlogerie. 

Swapping out ornate bezels for simple, yet profound flat ones, minimalist pieces bear a sophisticated, yet elegant appeal that can’t be found anywhere else. Although the idea of not having numbers or sticking with a single hand may seem odd at first, you’ll quickly grow fond of this timepiece style in more ways than you might expect.

If you’re thinking about owning an elegant minimalist watch but are still waiting on a sign to hit that “buy button” on
PICTO®’s website, here are a few reasons that will convince you to get a piece today: 


Reason #1:
It is a unique piece that will stand out anywhere you go


One of the most obvious reasons you should go for a minimalist watch is that it bears a uniqueness, which gives it the character that any watch should have.

Whether you’re looking to draw more attention to your wrist, present yourself as a serial watch enthusiast, or impress at a meeting, there’s no doubt that a bare-bones piece is the way to go. For an added hint of exclusivity, the Mesh Band Watches from PICTO®—such as the 40mm black/polished rose gold—use pictogram systems that genuinely make them one-of-a-kind!


Reason #2:
It makes the task of putting an outfit together a whole lot easier


Are you thinking of wearing a suit? Well, there’s no doubt that a minimalist watch will complete your outfit. 

Are you going casual with a pair of shorts, a polo shirt, and some sneakers? No need to worry about choosing, a minimally-designed watch will adjust as it should. 

Unlike the complication that you experience with your other ornate timepieces, minimalist watches make outfit pairing a much easier experience because there are no frills to worry about. Whether the outfit tone is casual, smart casual, semi-formal, or formal, such a piece will complement everything else you have on without any luxuries!


Reason #3:
It is something that will remain stylish no matter the trend


Another detail that genuinely makes minimalist watches an effective option to consider is that they stay relevant and stylish, no matter the latest trends in the watchmaking world. If you want a watch that will last you forever and never lose its appeal, then something like a PICTO® 40mm white/polished steel mesh band watch will be your best option!



When it comes to unique timepieces that must be in any collection, one option that you should never miss out on is a minimalist watch that’s stylish, unique, and functional. With this guide in mind, you won’t have any other reason not to get a bare-bones-styled watch of your own as soon as the opportunity arises!  

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