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Designed in 1971

In 1961, Arne Jacobsen won the competition to design the new National Bank of Denmark. The building is completed in 1978 - 7 years after his death.

The Bankers clock is designed in 1971 and hangs proudly displayed on the original bank hall wall. The bank hall contains peartree panels, contrasting the entry hall in Norwegian marble, which stretches like a cathedral almost 20 meters up throughout the six stories. The Danish National Bank is widely considered one of Arne Jacobsen’s masterpieces.


Designed in 1956

Arne Jacobsen designed many homes and buildings in the Copenhagen suburb of Rødovre in the 1950s and 1960s. One of his most detailed projects was Rødovre City Hall from 1956.

Inspired by international trends in this period, Jacobsen designed every last detail himself and decorated the building with his own line of furniture.


Designed in 1942

Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller designed the Aarhus City Hall, which was inaugurated in 1942. Their winning proposal, however, was without a clock tower. According to Jacobsen’s design philosophy, a tower has no real function, and has no place in design. But following public outcry, the two architects added a 60-metre tower featuring an elegant clock that we now call Roman.


Designed in 1939

Arne Jacobsen designed a house in the 1930s for H.J. Hansen, manager of Lauritz Knudsen. Hansen saw potential in the young architect and asked if he might be interested in designing a clock. The result was the table clock Station, which was presented at the Charlottenborg Spring exhibition in 1939.


The genius that made Danish design world known. Arne Jacobsen is undoubtedly one of Denmark's most prominent architects and is internationally recognized for his marvelous buildings and design - also including his clocks and watches. Arne Jacobsen's architecture is still admired internationally and many of his products are still being produced.

Arne Jacobsen's design caused a stir everywhere and the magic is that it is still does so. Good design is characterized by continuous fascination as time goes by. The clocks and watches have now been recreated entirely faithful to Arne Jacobsen's original drawings. The unique watches were created over a long, incredibly prolific and artistically unique career as an architect and designer.